Diane Steinbronn, Architect


  • Design project plans and specifications to meet ownership and lender requirements
  • Incorporate green building requirements into design
  • Collaborate with consultants to drive long-term value for the owner
  • Lead design team with project program to meet owners requirements
  • Work with construction project managers to resolve design/construction issues
  • Work together with local official’s to meet codes and standards


  • Registered Architect with 20+ years experience in A&E firms; focus areas include Site Planning, Retail/Mixed use, and Sport/Wellness
  • Designer and author of instructional curriculum for Programming Planning & Practice section of the Architectural Registration Exam, endorsed by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards
  • 10 years as college professor instructing studios comprised of architecture, interior design, and drafting students. Curriculum included architectural graphics, sustainable design, and sophomore level architectural design; the ultimate goal - to facilitate higher levels of critical thinking and organization, in approach to selected design challenges.

Favorite type of architecture projects to work on:

  • Projects that are sustainable yet forward-thinking, with a well thought-out program + plan, and client satisfaction is fully realized

What’s your favorite architectural feature/design:

  • To create meaningful spaces (and voids) that have strong identity and character, that allow inhabitants to experience a ‘sense of place’.
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